Hotel Antica Locanda Sturion, one of the rare small 3 star Hotels overlooking the Grand Canal, stands just next to the celebrated Rialto Bridge.


It is one, and the only still running, of the 24 Ancient “Locandas” (Inns) in town: the hallmark of Venice’s grand Hospitality over 4 centuries. It was back in the XIII century that the Doge in person allowed the conversion of the original palace into the Locanda, which has now been open for business for roughly 4 centuries, enduring demolition, fires and restoration. Wealthy merchants dealing in spices and precious silk, sea captains and visiting ambassadors enjoyed its renowned hospitality.


Locanda Sturion’s sign is also depicted in “The Miracle of the Relic of the True Cross”, the celebrated painting by Vittore Carpaccio dating back to 1494 and exhibited in the Accademia Galleries.


Long-established kindness and cordiality still make the strong point of this historic Locanda, now fitted with all comforts

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